Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Book, What if ?, and Why not ?

I'm currently reading the book, "what if? and Why not? by Jen Groover.  For those looking to expand your life, grow, and maybe even take a leap of faith in a new venture. this book is for you.  For sure if you thinking of being an entrepreneur, this is kind of a how to, but not just the physical legal requirements, but more importantly the psychology.  According to my kindle, I'm just 20% into the book, but, it was time for a post, and the book, so far, inspired me to action.  I'll quoted from Jen's book, "Just about every idea that ever turned an industry upside down or  minted a generation of new millionaires was considered crazy by the majority.  That is, until it became a huge success.  Then it's value was suddenly obvious to all the naysayers!  The moral of the story is that when you tell people-and this includes other entrepreneurs and business people, who are as susceptible to innovation aversion as anybody else-about your vision and they snap, "can't be done," don't lose faith. In fact having someone tell you that your concept is bonkers can be reason to dance, sing, and plan for your initial public stock offering.  The real currency in business in not money but original thinking".  I'm not done yet, but the book has fascinating stories, real life situations that are very inspiring. A story about the original Beatles manager, arranging auditions for the fab four, and the reaction was, no, guitar groups are a thing of the past.  We know the band signed with another producer, and the rest is history.  O.K.  I'm off to work my police job on the night shift.  And tomorrow I will continue to plot my journey to full time comedian.  And I will finish this book, while I think "What if? and why not?

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